1st November 2017

Pre Congress Tour

The Pre Congress Tour Committee proudly presents the Pre Congress Tour for the 41st EPSA Annual Congress!

The Pre Congress Tour (PCT) will start on Friday April 20th. During the PCT, we will show you Utrecht, Amsterdam and the Keukenhof. The PCT will end with a journey by train through the Netherlands to Baarlo, on Monday April 23rd, where the Annual Congress will start. During the PCT, you will be staying at the Stone Hostel in Utrecht.

You will be staying in Utrecht, a city located in the centre of the Netherlands, not far from Amsterdam. Utrecht is one of the four biggest cities in the Netherlands and has a gorgeous historical city centre. Also, it is famous for its stunning canals. You will experience these canals first hand as a canal cruise will be part of the PCT program!

You will be staying in Stone Hotel Utrecht. Stone Hotel is conveniently located in the centre of Utrecht, which makes it the perfect place for the Pre Congress Tour! The hostel has a fully equipped guest kitchen and two supermarkets across the street. Also, Stone hostel is accessible 24 hours a day and has WiFi in every room.

Of course Amsterdam, our capital, could not be missing from a PCT through the Netherlands, so we will definitely go out there and pay Amsterdam a visit! There will be time to explore Amsterdams traditional Dutch houses and canals.

In Amsterdam, you will visit the Anne Frank house. This museum is dedicated to a young Jewish girl and her family, and is based on the diary that she wrote during the Second World War. Tripadvisor mentions this museum in the top 10 of the categories “Things to do”, “Historical Sites”, “Museums” and “Points of Interest & Landmarks”, indicating that your trip to Amsterdam will not be complete without a visit. This house is the former shelter of the family of Anne Frank, who died in the second world war. The house was hidden behind an office building at the Prinsengracht in the centre of Amsterdam. The shelter was only accessible through a door, which was hidden behind a bookcase. Now the house is a monument in memorial to Anne Frank and her family. You can really feel the history of the second world war when walking around there.

You cannot leave the Netherlands without seeing the beautiful tulip fields, and what’s better than visiting ‘the Keukenhof’, known as the Garden of Europe? The Keukenhof is the largest flower garden in the world, and your visit will be timed perfectly. April is the time of year that the tulips will definitely bloom!

The Pre Congress Tour Committee hopes to welcome you the 20th of April 2018! The arrivals on Friday will be between 15:00h and 18:00h in Utrecht.

Participation at the PCT costs €200 and includes:

  • Accommodation (3 nights);
  • All meals;
  • All transportation in the Netherlands, including a trip through the Netherlands to Venlo on Monday April 23rd. From there, the RC of the Annual Congress will transport you and the other participants to Baarlo;
  • Excursions to Utrecht, Amsterdam, the Keukenhof and the Anne Frank house.

For more information about the hostel, click here for their website.