4th July 2016

Baarlo (city) & Limburg (province)


Eight kilometres from Venlo there is a small town called Baarlo. Baarlo is, like Venlo, located in the north of Limburg and is known for its castles. In one of these castles our congress will be held. The Hertog Jan brewery (Dutch beer) is located in Arcen, 20 kilometres from Baarlo. All of this makes Baarlo a beautiful and relaxing environment for this congress to be held.



You probably know that the Dutchies have good organization skills, but we also have a beautiful country. The Netherlands counts 12 provinces and the province you are going to visit is Limburg. Limburg counts 1,119 million inhabitants and it covers 2.153 m2. The inhabitants of Limburg speak Dutch with an accent which we call a ‘soft G’ and are really nice and welcoming people.

Besides the inhabitants, Limburg offers some highlights. In Vaals there is ‘Het Drielandenpunt’ (Three-border area), a geographical point at which the borders of the countries Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet. Big cities in the province Limburg are Maastricht (199,664 inhabitants), Roermond (57,001 inhabitants) and Venlo (100,468 inhabitants). In addition, Limburg is quite hilly, in contrast to the rest of the Netherlands. This makes that a lot of Dutchies go to Limburg for a vacation.


Within Europe, the Netherlands occupy a unique strategic location. The cities of London, Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels, Copenhagen and Luxembourg are within a 450 km radius. The largest airport in the Netherlands is located nearby Amsterdam, called Schiphol Airport. This Airport is a less than 2 hours’ drive from Baarlo. Smaller airports, and a lot closer to Baarlo are Maastricht-Aachen Airport, Eindhoven Airport and Airport Weeze (Düsseldorf). For the first day of the congress we will try to arrange transport. On the other days you will have to arrange your own transport. Baarlo is easily accessible, and there will be a detailed description of the available public transport.